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Our Committment to our Community

The Lake Nakuru Lodge, Lake Naivasha Crescent Camp, Mount Longonot Lodge, and The Village Experience are proud to be involved in the following community projects throughout Kenya:

Rhino Primary and Secondary Schools in Mwariki Village (Nakuru)

The creation of these two schools has led to an increase in the quality of education in the villages surrounding Lake Nakuru National Park.

Mwariki Village Community Tourism Program (Nakuru)
This program was started to create jobs in the community and expose visitors to traditional life in Kenya. Learn about fair trade, embark on a village walk, overnight at the camp, and visit local families.

New Life Trust Children’s Homes (Nakuru and Lamu)
Support of these homes allows for more children to be taken in and provided with shelter, food, healthcare, and an education.

Jacaranda Girl’s Home (Nakuru)
This home houses over 30 girls from all over Kenya and provides vocational skills training in agricultural activities. Fruits and vegetables from this home are served at all of our properties to further support the home and create a market for their goods.

Nawamu Eco-Village (Nakuru)
This former IDP Camp has been converted to a peaceful, diverse eco-camp for over 1400 people. New homes were built, fruit trees planted, small business loans granted, and an educational fund set up to help this community start over.

Mbaruk Medical Clinic (Nakuru)
This new clinic was built and adopted by the Ministry of Health in 2012. Free and reduced fee services are provided for the community.

Panda Pata Tree Planting Initiative (Nakuru)
Trees have been planted all over Nakuru and the surrounding areas with support from ourselves and our partners.

Cycle with Rhino (Nakuru)
This annual event held in Lake Nakuru National Park raises money and awareness for the conservation and preservation of rhinos.

Life Beads Kenya (Naivasha)
This artisan group produces fair trade products utilizing resources found throughout Kenya. They provide a fair living wage, training and a safe working environment.

Kelly Academy Primary School in Geera Village (Mbita)
Support for classroom construction, uniforms, school supplies, and healthcare are consistently provided to the children and teachers of this school.

Gary Rowe Community Center (Mbita)
Construction is underway to create this community center in Mbita. A new cyber café, tailoring workshop, seminar room, and clean water project will be housed here.

Micro-grant program (Mbita)
Our friends in Mbita have started a chicken coop, organic gardens, tailoring projects, motorbike taxi company, party rental company, and catering business through the micro-grants we have issued.

Live Long Self Help Women’s Group (Mbita)
This group of 30 strong women take care of more than 60 orphans in the community. We have joined forces with our guests to build new homes for the women, provide vocational skills training, and distribute mosquito nets.

Tumaini Drop-In Center (Eldoret)
This drop-in center in Eldoret provides a safe space for boys and girls living on the streets and allows for them to enroll in educational and vocational skills training classes.

Jacaranda Artisan Workshops (Nairobi)
Located in Nairobi and employing over 40 mentally and handicapped artisans, this artisan workshop pays fair wages, creates a safe working environment, and helps to preserve local Kenyan culture. To visit, support, or learn more about any of the above programs, please contact us at or